Jan 30, 2010

UH! soo pretty clothes

last night there was a fashion show at JWG. It was fabulous The theme was 'rock chic' and everything was REBEL!

There was one collection from Viimsi that I fell in LOVE with !!

and oh, that Sälly Lember's and Kerli Nõmm's collection..I have no words for that:


Jan 28, 2010

fun, no?

So, so fun playing dress-up like litte children :)

Jan 24, 2010

What are girls made of?

In the 80's girls were made out of charm necklaces, a little spandex, lots of neon and JELLY SHOES!!

ooh i'm soo tired of cold..can't wait summer, when i can wear my jelly shoes:

Jan 19, 2010

don't hide your belly button.

cut your shirts and show off your belly button!
crop tops:

I made a tummy top! (shirt from flea market)

zenit, my love!

my first pics!