Jul 30, 2011

scheduled post

I'm at the camp now and hopefully having a good time. And I truly hope that you all have a good time too!!

Jul 29, 2011

an evening in the town

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listened to some good music and drank coke.
see-through(!!!!) market bag - H&M, fashion agains AIDS
high-wasted jeans  - vintage guess

Jul 27, 2011

chiquitas in barcelona

pictures do say more than a thousand words, don't they

Jul 25, 2011


pic from last year's camp

just received a copy of the book "Style yourself"! it looks amazing, can't wait to read it already!
PS! I'm going to my dancing camp tomorrow, so I'll see you in 10 days (but stay tuned for some scheduled posts)

Jul 24, 2011

biker chic

dress - american apparel

Jul 22, 2011

hola, barcelona!

with zenit!
what do you think of the pictures?