Jun 30, 2010

lykke li

I have no memory. I’m like a goldfish. So I
only see things that are ahead, I’d need some time to dwell on that and I
haven’t had the time to do that yet.
-Lykke Li

Swedish girl who rocks the world! My favourite musician at the moment. Her music is wonderful, she looks amazing, her style is unique. Everything about her is just yelling o-h-m-y, how cool can one person be...no wonder that Lykke Li won the ELLE award for best-dressed Swedish woman in 2008. Did you know that Lykke means ‘happy’ in Norwegian?

Jun 29, 2010

open backs take over the world!

So now I'll show you what I bought yesterday.

1. These chunky heels - 1.6 euros (25 EEK)
2. One shoulder summer blouse - 0.5 euros (8 EEK)
3. scarf worn as a (turban style) headband - 1.6 euros (25 EEK)
4. stripy bodysuit - 0.6 euors (10 EEK)
5. blue scarf worn as a headband - 1.6 euros (25 EEK)
adorable open back!!!
6. cropped-top - 1 euro (15 EEK)
it was a swimsuit and I wanted to wear it as a body (with shorts or skirt or whatever) but I discovered that it was too small for me, so I made it a cropped-top...
love the open back with a little bow

Jun 28, 2010

chloe girl

wearing: H&M shorts, Gina Tricot body, Mango sunglasses, second-hand heels, bag and earrings. (these shorts look a lot like Chloe's)
Today I visited second-hands!! got some cool clothes, I'll later show you guys!

Jun 27, 2010

hello, my loves

So I'm back from the country. It was awesome (except the facts that I twisted my leg and got stung twice from a bee). first three days I spent with my best friends and other two days with my relatives. I found many cool vinyls from the country and from my granny's ( INCLUDING DAVID BOWIE'S VINYL, YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE MY HAPPINESS). Anyway here are the pics:


My Wang-like sunglasses!! (ordered from etsy.com)

Jun 22, 2010

again Zenit

Pretty happy this time, photos look great in my opinion. hope you like them too :)
This week I'll be at the countryside. No internet, no noise, no nothing...just good friends and hopefully lots of sunshine. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them later here! Have a great Midsummer Day ( St. John's Day).

Jun 20, 2010

resort 2011

So basically I looked over many many resorts 2011 (of course not all of them, there are so many designers on style.com). First I was pretty disappointed, because I didn't find anything amazing...everything was beautiful, OK, but not fabulous and spectacular...But when I saw Marc Jacobs line, I fell in love (and that's fun cause I didn't enjoy Marc by Marc Jacobs resort 2011 very much). I also liked Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Dior and some pieces form Zac Posen.

Marc Jacobs:

Zac Posen:
Stella McCartney:
Sonia Rykiel:

powerful pink

Huh, these photos, love love love. Soo beautiful! No words needed...