Apr 29, 2012

ultra lust

skull sweater - DIY
jeans - vintage
tattoos - faketattoos.org.uk

Apr 28, 2012


a little sneak peek of tomorrow's outfit post

Apr 22, 2012

the knife - heartbeats

Got those cool fake tattoos (flowers on my neck + hearts on my wrist) from HERE. check them definitely o u t

jacket - trifted
jeans - cheap monday
body - trifted
shoes - trendexpress
ring - asos
ear cuff with chains - asos 
sunglasses - lindex
fake tattoos - faketattoos.org.uk

shorts and sunglasses

watched a film about our last year's trip to barcelona. It was the cutest thing on! Yeah, and we wore sunglasses all night.

Apr 2, 2012

unfinished business

 my new claw bracelet

Apr 1, 2012


trousers - trifted
blazer - trifted
shoes - stradivarius

oh, I wrote an article for 16magazine, you can check it out here