Mar 31, 2013

your hands in the holes of my sweater

random pictures from phone

oh, and I'm totally in love with this band the neighbourhood! 

Mar 30, 2013

basket full of sweet wishes and chocolate kisses

enjoyed our day off in the countryside. We ate so much delicious food, including the traditional Easter dish pascha. And of course decorated the eggs by colouring them with onion skins and markers. Also we just can't get enough of the super-fun tag-game!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Mar 23, 2013

neon babes

Last night we had a neon theme party. listened to some good music, made a heavenly delicious cake and played a fun tag-game. 

lauren manoogian a/w 13

photographer Darroch Putnam
model Mari Guidicelli

these clothes look so comfy! 
perfect for a lazy saturday

Mar 16, 2013

diamond eyez

backstage photos by Benoit Peverelli
oh, those girls are like fairies! I'm totally in love with those dreamy-glittery eyes that were seen on the Chanel fall 2013 runway. 

Mar 7, 2013

Hold your horses

totally addicted to fondue