Nov 29, 2010

queen b

looking hot

Nov 28, 2010


 that's what inspires me right now

Nov 26, 2010


 Yesterday I went to see ''Venice'' (a film in the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival)
It was about a boy who lived in Poland and dreamt about going to Venice. And when their basement was covered with water they made their own Venice there. what a great idea! and they sang and danced and pretended to be in the Venice Carnival. Also it was really interesting to see how people lived in war time and how they were so urgent to try everything, cause you never knew if you would be still be alive the next day.

I was truly amazed.  
all those beautiful scenes !
so inspiring

Nov 24, 2010

she has a fabulous coat!

stunning Lindsay Wixon wearing YSL lipstick
at Terry Richardson's studio

Nov 23, 2010


At Sunday I had a concert, which meant lots of training all weekend.
though it was really tiring it was so worth it !
dancing on stage always gives me an amazing feelin' and lots of energy.
!oh so great!

enjoy the pictures

Nov 19, 2010

Lanvin + H&M

Lanvin for H&M show + backstage
I have no words
love-love-love those headpieces
it is just rad

Nov 17, 2010

Bambi in Disneyland

Bambi Northwood-Blyth
via Little PLastic Horses

Nov 15, 2010

the cape - outfit post

cape - second hand
heels - from Italy
bag - Zara
overknees - Goldenpoint
velvet scarf - flea market