Apr 30, 2010

lets play cats!

have a nice weekend!

Apr 29, 2010

contsert pictures

As I promised, here are some picutres of the Sundays concert.

Me with the littles dancing the banana dance:

7 brides:

Apr 28, 2010

teeth gap - good or bad?

The gap between two teeth is called diastema, and it isn't 'fixable' with braces. So when one wants to get rid of it, the only way is to go on a surgery. But teeth gap is nothing to be embarrassed of, cause it is becoming more and more fashionable. Many celebrities including Madonna, Seal, Amy Winehouse, Vanessa Paradise, Kate Moss and Elton John have it. Personaly I have nothing against teeth gap, it sometimes looks really good in fashion pictures but it disturbes me that now almost every model has it, I would like to see it more unique. some pics too:




VANESSA PARADISE for Chanel cosmetics:



Apr 27, 2010

dance dance dance

On Sunday we had a performance in Nokia Concert Hall (I've been dancing folk dance about 10 years now). Nokia is so big, I think it may be the biggest concert hall in Estonia. So everything was great and it felt awesome! Later I'll post some photos to. :)
Yesterday my dear mom bought STRAWBERRIES. So cool. they were red and big, but they were a bit tasteless, still, it reminded me that soon it will be summer with lots and lots of strawberries !!

Strawberry shortcake:

Rasberry tart:

Lime chiffon:

Orange blossom:

Plum puddin:

Lemon meringue:

Blueberry muffin:

This photoshoot is from Lula magazine (for Lula's 5th birthday), I adore it!!

Apr 25, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

OOh, Paris, the dream city... I've never been to Paris, but I so so so so so much want to go there. It seems to be the-best-city-in-the-world. fantastic
Some beautiful pictures of Paris:

Apr 24, 2010

keep candles handy

Alana Zimmer in i-D May 2009

Apr 22, 2010

say hello to my new babies

I just bought those lovely beige ballerinas from zara. I'm so happy about them, they are really girly and ..well, perfect.


hehe, This blog has been watched over 10 000 times, how cool is that. I'M REALLT TRULY HAPPY ABOUT IT! thanks everybody!

photo from Elle italy

Apr 21, 2010

kids in America

wilde kim singing kids in America:

This post is dedicated to Kim Wilde, whose song 'kids in America' is just phenomenal!!!
Today I visited Maarja :) and we started making our collection.(on 14 of May there will be a fashion show in our school and we are going to participate, so wish us good luck!) Anyway, we begun very nicely, but then we started to do all kinds of silly things, like dance and make funny pictures. It was really funny, so we laughed and laughed and laughed...

(this looks like an old picutre, but acutally it is taken through a piece of cloth)

(some serious work)

(having fun with hair straightener and a little dinosaur)