Jun 29, 2012

paris: part I

oh the trip was magical, I'm so-so in love with Paris

Jun 18, 2012

to Paris

I'm off to the airport now, me and Carolin are spending the week in Paris!! It is going to bgénial. Hope you all have a great week,

Jun 17, 2012

the countryside gang

took our bikes and went to Carolin's countryside. We had a pre-St John's Eve party. Grilled marshmellows, sang around the campfire and stayed up till the dawn.

Jun 14, 2012

cosmic love

cosmic shirt - DIY
skirt - made by mom
boots - dr. martens
earring - gift from a friend
bracelet - ginatricot

Jun 13, 2012

new in

both ginatricot

Jun 11, 2012


class trip to Stockholm

Jun 9, 2012

let's set the world on fire

celebrated Annu's 18th with a badass party