Oct 30, 2012

live fast

(pics taken during the holidays)
Oh it was a good-good day. In the morning hanged in Carolin's place. watched 'don't trust the bitch in the apartment 23' (which is the all-time-best TV show ever!) and flicked through some old pictures (oh so many memories). Later caught up with friends and made a chocolate fondue. delicious.

Oct 25, 2012

all-day-long party

We are totally enjoying the holidays. Had a fabulous french breakfast with cheese, baguette and SATC. Later we walked around the old town and visited some art galleries. Then bought macaroons and went to a park. The trees are kinda pretty in Autumn. I wish I'd never have to go back to school. It is so cool  to sleep til noon and just hang around all day long.

Oct 24, 2012

midnight minimal


Oct 23, 2012

perfect combo

some pictures of my perfect Tuesday. in the morning ate breakfast @ komeet. Then bought ben&jerry and went to the cinema (ate ice cream IN the cinema!! total badasses). Later chilled in the city and babysitted Carolin's baby brother, who is completely impossible (but oh-so-adorable). oh, and I'm trying a new thing with my hair - wearing it fully loose.

Oct 22, 2012

fashion and the cold war

decided to spend the rainy day in the  Estonian Art Museum, there was a interesting exhibition: fashion during the cold war. There were some pretty cool dresses (oh, YSL, chanel etc.) some fun black and white video clips and some cool posters but the exhibition wasn't that impressive all together. Oh, but can't get enough of vintage dresses and shoes!!