Apr 30, 2011


shoes- dinsko
shirt - monki
cardigan - second-hand
bag - mango

bought this new cool natural energy drink, the bottle looks so amazing but the taste is crap :(
have a lovely weekend!

Apr 28, 2011


ice cream, pink-pink-pink and those balenciaga boots! 
what's there not to like

Apr 23, 2011


make avatar

sweater - second hand
cat-eye sunglasses - ebay

Apr 21, 2011

bohemian love

that's what inspires me atm

Apr 19, 2011


Photographer Sara Orme
I want to go to the beach now!

Apr 16, 2011

So sorry, I've been a bad blogger lately. there were 2 fashion shows this week. I was modelling in Annu's collection (she got third place both times!!) I love-love-love this collection! Also wanted to tell you that I'm now in the tumblr-wolrd! check out & tell me what you think!
Enjoy the weekend!

Apr 9, 2011

what a sunny-sunny day

jacket - grandma's
scarf - sister's
shoes - flea market
bag - zara
birg ring - DIY
mineral ring - Gina Tricot

Apr 6, 2011

I'm 99% unicorn

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I'm so so so happy!