Aug 31, 2010

pink dream

Amanda Norgaard

Aug 29, 2010


photos we did with Maarja, 
love how cool they came out!
we just put a pink garland in front of the objective

Aug 28, 2010

our spontaneous trip

hey-hey, Yesterday was totally awesome. Me and Maarja decided to go to Keila so we jumped on a train and headed that way. We had so much to talk about that we missed our stop and ended up in Niitvälja - lots of fields and horses. It was hilarious - we decided to hitchhike back but we didn't know which way was Keila so we went to the golf club near by to ask for directions and then headed to the road. Luckily a generous man drove us to Keila. There we did some shopping in the thrift stores and ate in a lovely cafe. We ended the night at Maarja's place with lots of Chinese food, an interesting movie and cool photo shoots. Enjoy the pictures:
(finally got myself this cool programm - Photoscape, now my pictures look even better)


 Got this super-cool metal ring from second-hand with only 0.3 euros

Aug 26, 2010

oh me

oak black deep cowl maxi dress

Aug 25, 2010

you're simply the best

...better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I've ever met!

Yeah, moving my hips to the great vinyl of Tina Turner.
pics from the perfect day and night in Laulasmaal when the girls came to visit me and later in the city when we had a fondue party, where we listened my new AWESOME vinyls. Everything is so great, I'm having so much fun right now and I'm not waiting for school at all.

Aug 24, 2010

oh, it's raining!

wearing: dress - unknown
chunky heels - second-hand
bag - mango

Aug 23, 2010


So enjoying the past few days - just hanging with the girls and laughing so much. Soon  will post some photos too, but until then enjoy my zenit pictures.

Aug 22, 2010

summer in cosmos

Christopher Kane for Resort 2011,
He has done it again!