Jun 29, 2011

think pink

skirt - selfmade
sunglasses - ebay
shoes - trifted

Jun 27, 2011


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

had a spontaneous picnic with mango fruit, sweet cherries and candies,
(PS! summer nights are unbeliveable pretty!)
(PPS! I'm totally in love with GIF's atm, as you can see)

the ikebana party

Jun 26, 2011

the dress

sorry to bore you with so many graduation pictures, but I promise, these are the last ones!

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dress - made by my sister
shoes - second-hand
necklace worn as a headpiece


had an amazing St. John's Eve in the country with friends, 
we grilled marshmallows, ran in the fields, sang so-so much and slept in the hay!

Jun 23, 2011


some graduation pics

now I'm off to my friend's country house and were gonna celebrate St. John's Eve,
hope you have a nice holiday!

Jun 22, 2011


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more pictures coming soon!
enjoy summer, my darlings

Jun 18, 2011

photograhed & developed by Maarja
finally school is o-v-e-r
hello summer