May 31, 2010


Erki fashion show was great. I love-love-love-loved it!, amazing. Me and my friends got seats in the front row, so it felt like a real New York fashion show!! The collections were cool. Not all of them of course, one was pretty awful, but on the whole that was the best event of the year, definitely! It took place in a gorgeous parking place, underground and the music was listened to through the headphones, which was funny, but I didn't mind. My sister also made 2 dresses to 'Erki and they looked S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. oh, and there were ballerinas too, how cute is that. i adore ballerinas, with tutus :) .
What I wore:
(the blouse from collection 'koér' + plain skirt+ dinsko wedges + my bow necklace + I put a chain in my braided hair)


just like Brigitte Bardot:
My sister made the dress on the right:

the coolest hair:


gretecullen said...


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on :)

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Vicky K. said...

i loooove the fisrt shirt!!! so great!!!


rain drops raindrops said...

mu lemmik-koht oli see, kui ma teist (esireagirlzisest) möödusin ja siis te karjusite vuuhuu ja siis ma karjusin vuuhuu. yay.

Hannaliis said...

seee oli üks minu lemmik hetki ka, sa olid nii nunnu :):):):)