May 28, 2010


Just another day... hangin'. I didn't go to school today, cause I'm a bit ill and school is so so pointless right now, all the marks are practically out and we do nothing at the lessons. I got a little bored so I grabbed my (terrible) camera (which makes awful pics) and made pictures.

wearing: very very see-through clothes + my fabulous dinsko wedges!
I used a rose-pink lipstick, which is very IN this spring, but ..yeah, it's not seen in the pictures :(


☆☆☆☆☆☆ said...

Need pildid on super, btw see awful pictures on just teemas..ja outfiti koha pealt olen sõnatu

Pealegi Su pildilejäämisvõime on vägagi modellilik, Sa ei unista ise New Face'iks saamisest:)?

Hannaliis said...

eiei ei unista :D