Jun 27, 2010

hello, my loves

So I'm back from the country. It was awesome (except the facts that I twisted my leg and got stung twice from a bee). first three days I spent with my best friends and other two days with my relatives. I found many cool vinyls from the country and from my granny's ( INCLUDING DAVID BOWIE'S VINYL, YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE MY HAPPINESS). Anyway here are the pics:


My Wang-like sunglasses!! (ordered from etsy.com)


Géddö said...

kas mu guess on õige, kui ma ütlen, et selle volley pidi peal, kus kõik pose'vad kukkus Annu peale pildiklõpsu ümber, sest tal on väga extreme pose:D

Maarja said...

üüü, ülikhuul

Sarah Dee said...

looks like you had fun! and omg a bowie vinyl? Thats awesome!


Katnani said...

Loving your braid, honey!


Anne Marie said...

getter, õnneks ma ei kukkunud, aga jalg jäi kinni küll ja natuke läks aega kuni ma selle võrgu seest kätte sain

liisa said...

david bowie vinüül- nouuuu ma olen kadedusest roheline