Jun 15, 2010

life is a celebration

Hello, friends. Today was a great day. I bought myself a FAME vinyl. How great is that. I've listened to it many many times and well, I love it. Can't wait to start watching the TV show and the movie...and today I took my first pictures with my new cool camera PENTAX K-X! I have to learn a lot more about it, but here are the first pics:

my FAME:
my oh-so-comfortable body from Gina Tricot:

bow ring also from Gina Tricot:
Carolin's amazing lace sneakers:


Géddö said...

wohoooo!! Carolin viimaks kandis neid pitsist tenniseid!! Ma kogu aeg imetlen neid! C rääkis mulle ka teie ponnistustest lilli ebateravaks saada:D

Hannaliis said...

jep jep :)

miss logue said...

kuule getter ma olen nendega juba peaaegu VIIS korda käinud ;) asi edeneb..

Masha said...

great sneakers!! and congratulations for your vinyl)))