Jun 6, 2010

moedepoo 2010

me in BLUK

Yesterday took place a totally awesome fashion show. The organization was absolutely terrible!! But I enjoyed it a lot anyway. I was a model in 2 collections, which was a great fun. There were some very spectacular collections and some so-not-cool ones, but I guess the not-so-good-ones are part of every young designers' fashion shows (I was a bit sad that i didn't see all the other collections, but thankfully there were some photographers, who took pictures, so I have almost a perfect overview)
the good ones:


and, oh Annu! It is still your birthday (for 50 min, but it's OK) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!!! I truly hope you had an amazing day :)

Liis and Annu looking fabulous


Masha said...

what was this show? who is the designer?
I like the one with the striped one piece swimsuit.


Hannaliis said...

there were very many different designers, I was a show for young people, who wanted to show their work. Oh I love love love that one to :)

Anne Marie said...

ooo, sa oled nii armaz hanna, mul oli väga väga amazing päev tänu teile!

gretecullen said...

mõned ilusad kollektsioonid

Krizu said...

Nii tore on leida enda disaini kellegi teise blogist ,myul on hea meel ,et mina olin nende seast kes sulle meeldis

and the swimsuit is one of my pieces.