Jun 13, 2010

once upon a time + the runaways

The Runaways was great. Very rebel and dirty and 70's. The music rocked and also the clothes shoes were all glittering and very spectacular... amazing!

Here is a really stunning photo shoot:
the light and the forest! perfect (especially the 6th photo, love love love)

Karen Elson for Lula magazine
photographed by Yelena Yemchuk


Anne Marie said...

vauvau, sellised fotoshuudid on Lulale iseloomulikud

mara said...

wow beautiful pictures-now i'm on way to the forest!!to dream

Hannaliis said...

onjah, Annu
oh yes, they are gorgeous

Sarah said...

love lula magazine!


Zoe said...

Oooh! I love Karen Elson! Thanks for sharing!

Your blog makes me smile,

Hannaliis said...

lula is great and so is Karen! :)

Masha said...

was the movie great? runaway?
I like LULA. is it from the last issue?