Jun 29, 2010

open backs take over the world!

So now I'll show you what I bought yesterday.

1. These chunky heels - 1.6 euros (25 EEK)
2. One shoulder summer blouse - 0.5 euros (8 EEK)
3. scarf worn as a (turban style) headband - 1.6 euros (25 EEK)
4. stripy bodysuit - 0.6 euors (10 EEK)
5. blue scarf worn as a headband - 1.6 euros (25 EEK)
adorable open back!!!
6. cropped-top - 1 euro (15 EEK)
it was a swimsuit and I wanted to wear it as a body (with shorts or skirt or whatever) but I discovered that it was too small for me, so I made it a cropped-top...
love the open back with a little bow


Masha said...

wow! great finds! and so cheap!!! where do you buy all your clothes???


steffi elina said...

so cheap!!!
where did you buy them?

mojo said...

wow! i'm really amazed how a 15-year-old girl can already have such a great style! very innovative and inspiring. really like the stuff you bought.

best greets,

Moni from http://cheapbutchicclothing.blogspot.com/

Hannaliis said...

heh, thanks! I buy my stuff from Balti Jaam, it is a market with yes, cheap clothes! :)

Sarah Dee said...

fabulous finds!!


JillyBeans said...

All I can say is.. wow amazing!


Hannaliis said...

heh, big thanks :)

miss logue said...

wowowowowwww. seeee bodiii!!! see on nagu imeline ja tohutult ebaaus :D haha. ei tegelt ma olen su üle tohutult õnnelik. lihtsalt mu suveeesmärk on kõik kaltsukad läbi kammida ja SAMASUGUNE leida(või noh, sarnane. saad aru küll :D)

Molly said...

Very cute! I was wondering, how did you tie the scarf like a turban/headpiece? I always want to tie mine like that but I can never learn how!

Hannaliis said...

thanks :), well as you can see it's not a real turban but watch a tutorial from youtube.com