Aug 29, 2010


photos we did with Maarja, 
love how cool they came out!
we just put a pink garland in front of the objective


Anne Marie said...
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Sofia said...

They're beautiful!! & so u are :)
I'll follow u.
Btw, would u mind if I used some of ur photos (with the lik to ur blog, obviously) to go with a story I'm working on?

Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...

Hi, I love your blog it's awesome!
Now I'm following you hope you can visit my blog and follow too :)

have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Photoshop i tells you ! PHOTOSHOP !!! :D

jessica wu said...

these are beautiful i love it! :]


Amanda Fernandez said...

Loving those pics! youre a great photographer^^
I follow you now, your blog is amazing

Hannaliis said...

@ Sofia: I wouldn't mind that at all, and if You don't mind send me the link later! :)
@ Anonymous: I honestly tell you it's not photoshop, i don't even have one!! :(

Thanks :)