Nov 13, 2010

chic and cheerful

Today me and Maarja treated ourselves with chai latte and cakes in Komeet
what an amazing view
love that cafe


Helene Arrak said...

teemast välja küsimus, aga kui vana sa oled?

miss logue said...

reetuuuur. me pidime ju komeeti minemaaa!

Laura Vicente said...

can you post a picture of the necklace you were wearing? some friends of mine are making some necklaces of that type to sell and raise funds. that one looks beautiful, i'd like to show them!


Hannaliis said...

15 olen

no ma ei tea Carolin, sa ei vii mind ju sinna, ja ega see nüüd ei välista et me ei saa sinna minna!

ofcourse I can, I'll do that tomorrow