Feb 26, 2011


here is a little preview of a photoshoot we did on 24th. the make-up is so rad! very charming, i think.
pictures by Johanna Eenma
clothes and make-up by my sister


miss logue said...

wowow beib. väga ilus oled. ja ilusad pildid on ja üldse väga vinge töö! khullllll.

martysiia said...

yeees! make-up is the best! I like it! :))


Hannaliis R said...

nunnu oled, carolin!

thanks Martysiia :)

Sofie said...

Super gorgeous photos, and really nice blog! :-)


Hannaliis R said...

thanks darling!

Waltzing Matilda said...

Wow, your sister should have a shop! I love her clothes, I would buy them ;)
nice pictures

Hannaliis R said...

@waltzing matilda: oh that's so lovely u think that! at the moment she's still studying but i'm sure she'll have her own clothing line in the future