Mar 30, 2011

copenhagen - outfit post

trench - second hand
hooded scarf - lindex
shoes - a market in Italy
mineral ring - Gina Tricot
turquoise ring - H&M


We Are The Crowd said...

Beautiful! I love both rings :)

Sian xx

Laura Nunes Vicente said...
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Hannaliis R said...

thanks guys so so much!

Luca said...

You're beautiful!

Start dreaming on

Hannaliis R said...

Thanks Luca!! :)

Ginger Snap'♥ said...

Your so pretty love photos i love your outfit and your jewellery!
Your comment was so lovely thanks

Hannaliis R said...

thanks girlie! and you're welcome

Hannah said...



Hannaliis R said...

:):)!! thanks