Mar 12, 2011


Here are finally the pictures we made some time ago, with this cool hairdo!
photos: Kristina Õllek
Clothes: Kairiin Ruuven


Lisa said...

thank you for your nice worlds,
but i think your blog is much greater. i'll follow it.

lisa xx

Queen C. said...

Thank for your sweet comment :)

Her name is Sophie said...

Nice work! Checked your blog (few post ago) and ur pretty!

U have a nice blog as well girl!

Nice header btw!

x Je suis Sophie

miss logue said...

woooooooooooow. imeilus oled! :)

Dirty Grungy Things said...

Thank you!
Your blog is amazing, I really love your pictures!

Hannaliis R said...

thanks everybody!! :)

Hannaliis R said...

Oh, thank you. It means moose/elk in estonian. That's so cool that it means power in portugues! :)

ellieand said...

Ah absolutely stunning, love the movement in this outfit x

Hannaliis R said...

thanks, darling! :)