Mar 17, 2011


Some weeks ago. skating with my classmates,

Oh, I can't believe how quickly time flies! This weekend I'll have my entrance tests (what a nervous and busy-busy time!) and on Sunday night I'll be performing in Nokia Concert Hall (which means training 24/7 right now). And then on Monday I'm off to Denmark for the week. We're going to Copenhagen for 2 days and then to Århus to visit my aunt. It's gonna be fantastic! 


Anonymous said...

Millega sa Nokias esined?

Anonymous said...

Kuhu koolidesse katsed teed ja millisesse neist sa kõige rohkem minna tahaks? Edu sulle! :)

Hannaliis R said...

rahvatantsuga, Kullo juubelikontsert vms.

Teen ühiskatsed ja VHK katsed, kõige rohkem tahaksin GAG'i minna! :)