Jun 27, 2011


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

had a spontaneous picnic with mango fruit, sweet cherries and candies,
(PS! summer nights are unbeliveable pretty!)
(PPS! I'm totally in love with GIF's atm, as you can see)


Lisa said...

i love these photos!
especially the photos, which are moving, really great!
greetings fromm germany:).
lisa xx


Hannaliis R said...

thank you so much, Lisa, and GIFs (moving pictures) are indeed cool!
greetings to Germany,

Anne Marie said...

see viimane on tõesti ilus pilt.
PS. kommiGIF on lahe. kommid kaovad ära, aga pole hullu, tulevad jälle tagasi!!!

sajuki said...

great photos

Hannaliis R said...

onju, eks! minuarust ka! ja kommid on coolid jah :)

Thanks Sajuki


oh! im so jealous of you right now with your summer!!
ps: i loved the gifs
greetings from argentina

Maebell said...

beautiful photos! i just love summer nights as well(:
and thanks for sharing your lookbook link(: i very much enjoyed it! and fanned as welll obviously how could i not(:


Hannaliis R said...

wow, thanks Calamity Jane, greetings to Argentina!

thanks Maebell, and no problem cutie!