Jul 11, 2011

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jeans-vintage guess/blouse-vintage ralph lauren/sunglasses-ebay/lipstick-chanel

only 17 more hours and I'll be on a plane to Barcelona!!
f*ck yeah


Laura Vicente said...

i am loving your blog lately!!! i am also going to barcelona this summer, i look foward to your post about it! please do tell me if you have any recommendations please :)

lots of love from portugal!


Helen and Emma said...

your blog is so so nice!
have fun in barceloana, i wish to travel there one day! xx

Hannaliis R said...

thanks guys, i'm on my trip now and having the time of my life! xx

Hannah said...

I literally love your blog so much! You are stunning. X

Hannaliis R said...

wow, that means so so much! Thanks

Anonymous said...