Aug 20, 2011

party till you're purple

cheers, mates!
This has been a pretty cool week, so many cool parties, 2 outdoor cinemas, an exhibition opening and a fashion show (you'll see the pictures soon). And I've met some really cool people, whoa, I wish that summer could last forever! (2 last pics stolen from Johanna Eenma)


Jelizaveta. said...

Su see sinine küünelakk on nii vinge? Kas äkki saaksid öelda, mis firma oma see on? :)

Hannaliis said...

ee, ma pole 100% kindel aga äkki oli H&M.

Brina ♥ chérie said...

Lovely Pics!

xoxo * C'est la vie, chérie *

Hannaliis said...

thanks :):)