Dec 17, 2011

come with me, let's travel to infinity

my sister just came from Paris and brought me this cool french mag, h&m nail polish and a coca-cola designed by Karl Lagerfeld, she also brought the most colorful and delicious macaroons, yum-yum!! The satchel bag is from a second-hand store and the cowboy neck-thing is from a random shop.

OH, and thank you, my lovely readers! 
 my blog reached 500 followers so I've decided to do a giveaway soon! 
stay tuned!


Anne Marie said...

kruugi vend tõi talle ka pariisist selle jalouse'i

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog design. Which blogger template have you use?


Lena said...

I have the same coca-cola designed by K.L ! I love the nail polish !`

Kisses from Paris !

Hannaliis said...

oo väga cool, Annu!

I use some old temple, thanks!

oH cool! the coca-cola looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

"the cowboy neck-thing" is called a polo tie

maija said...

jalouse on très cool

Hannaliis said...

okey, I'll remember that.

jei, tore tore. kuigi ma ei tea palju ma sellest aru saan. Aga pildid on jah trés ilusad!