Feb 28, 2012

paris - day 2

In the morning we had croissants and café crème (so french) and figured out what we were gonna do that day.
first we went to the Saint Chapelle  
& Notre Dame.
Then went to Père-Lachaise cemetery. Saw the graves of Eduard Wiiralt, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde     
Oscar Wilde's grave 
Then walked around the city &
in the afternoon visited the catacombs, which were so spooky! There were bones and skulls from 5 million people!
Then ate chestnuts and walked by the Red Mill. Also went to Montmartre (highest place in Paris) and visited Sacré-Coeur.
And ended the night in the alien city La Défense. Saw the modern Arc de Triumph.

 What a day!


▲Tyna said...

i want so badly some croissant now!!! ♥
beautiful photos:) you are beautiful! ♥

Anonymous said...

kui küsida tohib, siis kellega sa seal käisid?

Hannaliis said...


oli tõesti! Käisin vanematega, õel külas.