Jun 11, 2010

oh, finally ! sex and the city !

so today I finally went to see Sex and the City 2 with my girls. I've heard so much critic about it, so I didn't hope much, but fortunately it was a m a z i n g. Everything was just perfect. So many great jokes, places and oh, of course clothes (they changed clothes like 458759800758 times a day, fabulous!!) So I definitely advise you to see this movie as fast as you can!!

Tomorrow going to see the runaways, hope it will be great too! have a lovely weekend, my friends!


Anne Marie said...

kust sa oranži halston heritage'i kleidiga pildi leidsid? ma leidsin ainult sellise, kus läks mingi suur silt üle pildi

Hannaliis said...

kõik pildid on imdb.com'ist :)

Masha said...

yeah the movie is just so great!!! I think I will buy the both movie.
Runaways?? ooo I didn't know that it exist.... I watched just the trailer on youtube. Semms to be a GREAT MOVIE!!!! But it's not out yet here in Paris... so sad... cause I want to see it!!! And Dakota is not a baby anymore!!! wowowow


Hannaliis said...

oh yeas, SATC" was awesome and I can't wait to see Runaways, but I'm sure there are lots of ohter great movies in PARIS!!! (I'm so jealous you live in paris, the dream city! :) )