Jun 10, 2010


One of my girls has a birthday today!! Wish you the best birthday ever! Happy happy
b i r t h d a y, my love!

photographed by me

Oh and tomorrow I'll go to see SEX AND THE CITY 2, so so excited! and soon I'll take my zenit photos to developer ( I don't no if that's even a word) so something more to wait (I know I'm excited) and today we had a photoshooot so you will see some pictures soon and and and .. that's all. good night, my darlings!


gretecullen said...

Ma lähen Laupäeval kl 14:35 vaatama(seksi ja linna 2).

Ispirationflor said...

happy birthday

Helina said...

Btw. Räägitakse et teine osa ei ole nii hea...

Hannaliis said...

jaa Helina, ma olen seda juttu ka nii palju kuulnud, aga minaursut see oli lihtsalt imeline

Masha said...

I must try also to take pictures with my parent's old camera... but for developed the pictures is not it expensive?
And I'm waiting for the new shooting pictures)